Predicted Rainfall PreVieux is radar-based quantitative precipitation forecast for notifications, protective actions, sampling, operational control, and real-time forecasting of runoff or flooding.
Latest Technology for Hydrologic Predictions PreVieux uses advanced image segmentation to compute short-term rainfall forecasts. Web service, email or SMS text notification of predicted basin depth thresholds are available to provide lead time for proactive measures or hydrologic prediction. A visual display of predictive rainfall rate, accumulation, and basin-averaged rainfall is available. The web interface provides ease of access without the need for specialized software.
Continuously Produced Through unattended simulation, PreVieux translates radar rainfall forward in time every 5 minutes for 1 hour, based on the current growth and movement of the storm. The optional application of mean field bias correction from RainVieux improves the predicted rainfall amounts accuracy. The web interface exposes the details of the process, including the applied reflectivity/rainfall relationship and bias correction factor as well as radar volume coverage pattern (VCP) and estimated time to the next scan.
Features & Benefits
  • Advanced knowledge of when, where, and how much rainfall is coming to your watershed.
  • Lead-time gained from projected storm motion increases time for action.
  • Site-specific predicted rainfall at the scale of watershed response.
  • Accurate rainfall rates are produced from bias-corrected radar making projected rainfall rates useful for hydrology.